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The Difference Between RSS and the Future of News

With all the hubbub happening in the digital news space recently, including the impending death of Google Reader and Flipboard’s foray into custom-made, shareable magazines, it’s clear that we’re in the middle of major systemic changes in the publishing industry. And as this process is developing, the number of content consumption options is becoming almost as overwhelming as the amount of content itself. Today’s landscape As it stands now, we’ve got a few different categories of content consumption tools: feeds, social aggregation, and personalization engines. Each of these tools strikes a different balance between technology and human autonomy. Feed readers […]

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Why It’s Hard to Give Up Google Reader

This is a post from our CEO, Roman Karachinsky. The internet is bubbling over with outcry at Google Reader’s demise, petitions to bring it back and the usual indignation, but it seems strange that people are still so attached to something that hasn’t really changed since it launched in 2005. How many other web-based products are you using that can claim the same? (Other than maybe Gmail, and even with that, there’s arguably been significant innovation.) The reality is, Google Reader is like a car with a manual gearbox. At some point in the beginning of the automotive era, most people […]

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