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Ten Takeaways from the Contently Summit in NYC

Contently Summit, from @Contently on Twitter

Contently Summit, from @Contently on Twitter

Last week, some of the most creative minds in content marketing took to the Contently Summit in NYC to answer questions and instill industry insight. Among the panelists were Eric Goeres, Director of Innovation at Time, Irene Lee, Senior Director of Marketing at Refinery 29 and Ky Harlin, Director of Data Science at Buzzfeed. We were there soaking it all in and live-tweeting the quotable moments for @News360Brands. Here are our top ten takeaways from the summit.

1. When you’re creating branded content, be clear about your intentions. Trying to confuse readers by not labeling properly is a recipe for disaster.
2. Audiences tend to respond well to advertising—when it’s in the right context. Make sure you’re framing your content marketing properly and delivering it to an audience that can benefit.
3. Embrace that questionable overlap between advertising and journalism. It’ll help you create stories that people want to read.
4. Metrics have little meaning without context. It’s important to know what “shares” and “likes” mean for your individual brand. Meaning varies by outlet and content type.
5. Always keep the end user in mind when creating content. Figure out your brand’s voice and how you’re going to speak (and ultimately form relationships) with your audience.
6. There’s a fine line between what will feel like an ad and what won’t. The sooner you get accustomed to the difference, the better.
7. Content can be just as important as display, so give your readers an experience worth interacting with by finding out which format they respond to best.
8. Never underestimate a good email headline. Make them compelling, make them smart and make them relevant to your audience.
9. Think about amplification while you’re planning a story, not just after it’s written. Brainstorming is the time to start thinking about your content’s impact and sharability.
10. There’s a lot of great insight out there, but content marketing as a practice is still in its infancy. The good news? The future of branded storytelling seems bright and the creative possibilities are endless.

(Image from @Contently)