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Personalization + Content Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

Personalization + Content Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

We’ve discussed at length the ways that content marketing is helping brands spread their stories online. At News360, we strive to connect audiences with the content that is most interesting to them, whether it is produced by a news organization or sponsored by a leading brand. If you’re interested in a subject, we want to connect you to the best content about it.

We recently read an interview in VentureBeat that broke down the rise of content marketing into different “waves”. The first two waves, text content and visual content, are fairly self explanatory. Brands are sharing stories and visuals that resonate with their audiences in order to build connections and relationships with their customer bases. Text-based and visual content is being produced at an astounding rate, to the point where it is impossible for any reader to reasonably keep up with and discover what they want to read.

Enter the third wave, personalization. Rather than expecting your potential customers to come across your content organically, brands should be taking matters to their own hands when it comes to distribution. It is not enough to publish to your blog and hope your desired audience will find that content on their own.

But getting your content to where your potential customers are can be a challenge.  Identifying groups on LinkedIn and Facebook or hashtags on Twitter is a start, but is a far cry from true personalization. With the troves of information that is being collected online, leveraging data is the real key to personalizing the delivery of your content.

News360 Promoted Content does exactly that. We analyze our reader’s social and reading habits to map their behavior and create an interest profile for them. Our targeting algorithms then delivers your brand’s content to readers whose interests align with the interests of your target customer. We track engagement, reach and conversion on calls to action, and optimize your campaign in real time to make sure it is being delivered to the readers you are trying to reach.

Our expertise in personalization and your brand’s content is a match made in heaven. Have questions about our promoted content platform or want to learn more about opportunities for your brand? Send a note to brands@news360.com!