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It’s a Tough World Out There: KISSmetrics’ Advice for Content Marketers

It’s a Tough World Out There: KISSmetrics’ Advice for Content Marketers

Let’s face the facts: content marketing, for all its rewards, can be a frustrating endeavor. Spend too much time thinking about how much competition exists, and you’re bound to get a little overwhelmed. According to KISSmetrics, we’re competing for the attention of people who consume an average of 60 hours of content weekly—and the amount of options for spending that time are only growing. So how do you make sense of it all and excel at giving your branded content the attention it deserves? Read on.

KISSmetrics taps Netflix as a perfect example of what to strive for: a mix of custom-tailored offerings and content your audience can get the satisfaction of discovering on their own. Readers, watchers and listeners want to know you’re listening to them, but they also want to know they can rely on you to guide them when they need suggestions. Looking for more on personalization? Check out our recent blog post on the topic here.

The post also breaks down (in infographic form) how a sampling of B2C content marketers currently looks at their craft and offers some helpful stats on revamping your approach. Some of our favorite snippets:

  • Did you know content marketing is actually cheaper to execute than traditional marketing? 62 percent more budget-friendly, to be exact. How’s that for motivation to get out there and tell a compelling story?
  • There are some serious misconceptions about social media ROI. While 92 percent of those surveyed think using social is important, two out of three don’t think it’s possible to gauge the impact of their posts this way.
  • 57 percent say they’re strapped for time and 45 percent say they just can’t keep up with the amount of content they need to be producing. Repurposing resources is a great way to save time and still create great “new” content. A single topic could be turned into a blog post, a series of tweets or an infographic, just to name a few options. Get inventive with what you already have. For tips on maximizing your reach, check out our post “How to Make Your Content Sing on Every Platform”.
  • Headlines shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to creativity and engagement: only one out of every five readers moves on to check out the rest of the content. We like this handy guide from HubSpot that puts blog post title variations to the test to see what gets the most clicks.

Check out the full infographic here. How do you break through the noise to make your content efforts heard? Let us know in the comments or send us a tweet @News360Brands.