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How To Make Your Content Sing On Every Platform

How To Make Your Content Sing On Every Platform

When evaluating your content strategy, the options can seem overwhelming in terms of distribution channels. Should you build a robust blog, or focus on creating video content that can be shared? What social networks are most important? Do you need a Tumblr, a Google+ AND a Vine account? How do you optimize your content for each of these different platforms?

It may seem like there are a lot of questions and not enough answers. But, the first step to identifying how you are going to connect with your audience is figuring out where these people are hanging out online. Digging into the persona of your desired customer is the only way to understand exactly what type of content they are interested in sharing and engaging with. For some brands, that might mean Pinterest is a top priority, while others need to focus on crafting impactful blog posts that will show up in the organic searches on Google. No matter what network or platform you are focused on, the content itself is the key to engagement.

Whether you are looking for retweets, likes, shares or comments, there are best practices that all brands should be keeping in mind when they are creating and spreading content online. My Clever Agency put together an infographic that highlights exactly what you need to be keeping in mind when sharing on the plethora of networks brands have available to them. Below we’ve highlighted some key tips to keep in mind when looking to make a splash with your content across every platform. Check out the full image and add this content marketing cheat sheet to your toolkit!

On Your Blog:

  • Keep it concise: 500-800 words is the optimal length
  • Include a call to action: what do you want your audience to do after reading?
  • Include images: photos make your content more shareable and easier to consume

On Facebook:

  • Link to other sites: linking allows you track clickthroughs and measure the engagement of your Facebook fans
  • Think mobile: with a high % of Facebook traffic coming from mobile devices, keep in mind how your post will look to readers you are on their phones and tablets
  • Engage with users: like, comment, and proactively engage with your fans

On Twitter:

  • @-mention and retweet: bring others into the conversations!
  • Shorten URLs:  a simple trick that gives you more characters to work with
  • #hashtag: put your content inside a stream of related tweets to expand organic reach