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Content Marketing Buzzwords: What They Really Mean

Content Marketing Buzzwords: What They Really Mean

Content marketing is a hot topic. As we’ve discussed before on the News360 blog, this genre of marketing is so new that there is a debate over exactly what it entails. At the most basic level, experts and brands both agree that content marketing is branded content that takes the form as the organic content around it.

But the category is in a state of constant evolution, and the list of buzzwords and jargon associated with it keep growing. Fortunately, the folks at NewsCred have put together a Content Marketing Dictionary, a comprehensive guide to keep up with the latest terms marketers are throwing around.

We wanted to highlight a few of the most important buzzwords below, and offer a little context to what they mean for you as a content marketer.

1. Owned Media – A channel that a brand owns and has full control over the content that is posted there. For example, a company blog or social media profile is a property that is owned by an organization.

2. Lead-Gen – The ultimate objective of any content marketing campaign is to generate new business opportunities for your organization. Lead-Gen, short for lead generation, is the way that marketers refer to this goal. The better the content you are producing is, the more potential leads it will drive.

3. Top of the Funnel – The sales funnel is the process of closing a deal, from introduction to signing on the dotted line. Content marketing is supposed to drive leads into the top of the funnel, introducing potential customers to your brand and product offerings so the formal sales process can begin.

4. Call to Action – All marketing messages should have a call to action. What do you want readers and potential customers to do after consuming your content? The stronger your call to action is, the more likely that you will see solid leads generated from your content marketing efforts.

5. Pay Per Click – When brands are sponsoring content around the web, the cost comes out of their marketing budget. With ROI seen as a critical indicator of campaign effectiveness, ideally the price of each click on your content should be as low as possible.

Check out the whole dictionary and download your free copy today. Definitely a valuable tool to keep on your digital bookshelf!