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Weekly Roundup: Michael Brenner Knows Content, Brands and Publishers Unite, and Social vs Aggregators

This was a full week for the News360 blog.

First, we dove into research from the Pew Journalism Project that showed content shared on social media is unlikely to turn readers into devoted followers of a publication. The research confirmed what we’ve known all along: that socially shared content can generate a quick hit, but won’t help publishers develop a consistent following.

We also reflected on an article from the Guardian discussing the recent entry by white-label publishers into the content marketing business. Similar to what we’d found with our panel on the New York Times’ content marketing initiatives, the Guardian had a mixed take on the issue: this is an inevitable development, publishers have to stay mindful of readers’ needs and expectations, and ultimately this will be a benefit for brands.

We also released an interview with Michael Brenner, VP of global marketing for SAP, who gave us his take on content marketing strategy. In the interview (which we’ll be posting about again soon), Michael reflects on the increase in content efforts by brands, some of the efforts he thinks are most effective, and the mistakes brands most often make in their content strategy.

Next week we’ll take a look at content marketing buzzwords, and publish the second half of our chat with Michael Brenner.