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Optimizing Promoted Content

Here at News360, we specialize in connecting brands with the specific audience that they are trying to reach. We’ve been fortunate to have worked with some outstanding companies who are leveraging content in progressive ways to deliver their marketing messages to our audience of over 4 million readers. Whether you call it native advertising or content marketing, spreading content like this still a relatively new endeavor for brands. We wanted to offer some simple tips for optimizing your brand’s sponsored content on platforms like News360.

Leverage Your Headline

It goes without saying that the headline of any media is the hook that grabs the attention of the audience. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and with the amount of content available at any reader’s fingertips the headline is a critical tool to deploy effectively. Keep it simple and clear, speaking directly to your audience. Our personalization technology will make sure it ends up in the hands of the readers who will be most interested in your content.

Make Your Content Visual

It takes more than just a great narrative to hook a reader. Visual supplements, whether in the form of images, GIFs, video or infographics all help tell your story in a creative format that is likely to catch the eye of the reader. Relevant visual aides help to amplify your message and makes your content significantly more likely to be shared on social networks. Take advantage of the viral effects that visual content offers!

Connect With Your Audience

Our algorithms allow brands to hand pick the demographics of users that their content will be delivered to. Brands need to take advantage of this hyper-segmented targeting! Use this opportunity to connect precisely with your audience. Understanding the interest profile of a reader allows you to speak directly to their needs. Traditional advertising channels like television, radio and billboards are severely lacking the ability to target like this. Leverage the opportunity to capture a strong ROI on your digital content investment.

Think Outside the Ad

Sponsored posts present the unique opportunity to connect with customers in a space where they are accustomed to seeing organic content. Don’t make the mistake of bombarding them with repurposed advertising rhetoric! Take a more editorial approach to your sponsored content. The brands who are most effective at creating virality with their sponsored efforts look to build relationships with their community. Coca-Cola focuses on life experiences and Red Bull and GoPro both promote an adventurous lifestyle. The product that you are selling does not need to be the sole focus of the content you are sharing.

These tips are just a few to get brands started thinking about their sponsored content strategies. Have you seen examples of companies who are rocking out their content programs? Let us know in the comments or reach out to us on twitter @News360!