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Location, Location, Location — Introducing News360 International Editions

Location, Location, Location — Introducing News360 International Editions

At News360, our goal from day one has been to provide the most intelligent news experience possible for our readers. We’ve come along way since our launch in 2011, perfecting our algorithms and making user experience our top priority.

Today we are excited to announce another step on the path to perfect personalization. Introducing, News360 International Editions!

Why go international?

Now with over 20% of our 4 million+ users located outside of the United States, we wanted to make sure that our reader’s geographic diversity was reflected in the app. Over the last few years, the most commonly requested feature from our loyal users has been for local versions of the News360 app, customized for different regions of the world.

After months of work by our engineering team, we are excited to roll out our first three localized versions of News360. We are kicking off our international expansion with markets that represent a large number of our international users: UK, Canada and Australia.

So whats new?

Aussies, Canadians and Brits, rejoice! News360 will now take your location into account to prioritize local sources in your Home feed. You’ll probably see the biggest difference in stories coming in from your Top Stories, Politics, Sports and Business categories, showing more stories from Downing Street instead of the White House, and Cricket scores instead of the NFL, but other topics will change subtly as well to favor local sources. All of your personalization settings and preferences will remain and News360 will continue to learn, no matter what edition you’re using.


It’s easy to update. If you live in one of our new markets, simply download the latest version of News360 from the App Store or Google Play and VOILA! You’ll be presented with an option to switch to your local edition. Users signing up for the first time will also see an option to choose the local edition as they are setting up their News360 account. If you’re using News360 from somewhere else, or just want to switch back – just go into Settings and you’ll see a new option that allows you to switch between different editions at will.

This expansion into international markets marks the next step in our quest to change the way people discover and consume news, and this is just the beginning – we’ll continue to add more editions as News360 grows and evolves.

As always, we’re looking for your feedback to help us improve! Email us at support@news360.com and tell how your local edition is working, or which country you want to see on the editions list next. We answer all of your emails!