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Hey former-Zite users! Welcome to News360!

Hey former-Zite users!  Welcome to News360!

In the short time that’s passed since Zite’s acquisition by Flipboard was announced we’ve been overwhelmed with questions about News360 from former Zite users.  We’ve been trying to answer them as quickly as we can but we haven’t been able to keep up.  So we’ve created this “Zite to News360” FAQ.

Welcome to News360, Zite users!

Q: How do I manage all the topics I’ve added to my home feed?

A:  Don’t worry too much about the topics bar looking too crowded if you’ve added a lot of them to your feed.  News360 will learn about your interests as you read, and will deliver stories that fit you best from all the topics that you’ve followed. Just use the Home feed and be sure to use the thumbs up/down buttons to help News360 learn.


Q: How do I collapse the topic bar at the top of the tablet version of News360?

A:  Right now – you can’t. There is an all-new News360 design coming soon that will redesign the way the app works with topics to be simpler and clearer.


Q:  Does the order of my topics affect the priority you give to those topics?

A:  No, it doesn’t.  Whether it’s the first topic on the list or the last, the news feed we create for you will be personalized to match your interests.


Q:  How does News360 personalize my news feed?

A:  News360 can analyze more personal data points than any other news reader we’ve seen to-date (yes, including Zite).

  • If you login with your Facebook or Twitter account we learn about the topics you discuss most on those platforms
  • If you subscribe to a topic, Technology for example, but end up reading mostly stories about a sub-topic, like Gadgets or Cloud Computing or UX Design or Big Data, News360’s algorithms will adjust your feed over time to find and deliver more stories about that sub-topic and less about the general topic
  • if you Like a story or a source (the little “thumbs up” icon on each story), News360’s algorithms will adjust your feed to deliver more stories from that source or more stories like the one you just liked


Q:  How do I add a favorite source:

A:  Search for that source and tap on the “+ to Home” button.  Your home feed will display more stories from that source.  After you’ve added it to your home feed you’ll be able to go specifically to that source from your Topics list if you want to read all the newest stories from that source.


Q:  Why do I need to create an account and give you my email address?

A:  You don’t… at least not if you’re using the News360 mobile app.  If you do create an account  you’ll be able to access your unique feed regardless of which device you use to access News360.  However, if you’re using our web app will need to create an account and login each time you open News360 as it’s the only way we can deliver a personalized feed tailored to your interests via web.


We understand that Zite had many loyal users, so anything new they try will look and feel different.  We hope this FAQ helps you feel comfortable with News360 as you look for your Zite replacement.

Thank you for giving News360 try!  If we haven’t answered your question here, please email us:  info@news360.com.