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What Are Promoted Posts and Why Do We Have Them?

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What Are Promoted Posts and Why Do We Have Them?

Our goal has always been to help readers discover the most interesting, relevant content. As brands are beginning to think like publishers, they are creating tons of valuable and interesting content as well. We’ve recently started working with brands to help them find readers who will appreciate their content, which is why you may have noticed a few ‘promoted stories’ in your feed lately.

Several questions have popped up related to our sponsored content program from users, so we thought an explanation would be useful. We want to make it clear that our first priority is to continue to give you an awesome news experience – which means giving you a lot of control over what sort of promoted stories can show up in your feed.

A promoted story

Because promoted stories go through the same personalization mechanism as all other content, only the stories that fit your interests should show up in your News360. If you’re interested in historical buildings or history in general, for example, the story above is one you might see in your home feed. A yellow square with an upward arrow with “Promoted by _______(name of company)” clearly identifies a promoted story in your newsfeed. Every promoted story will have a label to ensure that there isn’t any confusion.

Swipe down on a story to give feedback 

Just as with any other piece of content in News360, you can give us feedback on how interesting promoted stories are – use the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons and News360 will get smarter about which stories to show you. If you really don’t like all content promoted by a brand, you can also mute that source (just tap ‘thumbs’ down and then ‘mute source’). This will turn off promoted stories from the company that sponsored the story, and will help us target stories that are a better fit for you in the future.

This is new territory for us, and we welcome your feedback to make sure that promoted content is useful and interesting, and not annoying or distracting. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and let us know what is working and what isn’t working via our Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, or our Get Satisfaction page.

Thank you for being a part of our community as we grow and learn what works and how we can make News360 even better.