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Battle of the IPOs

Battle of the IPOs

The buzz started as soon as Twitter announced (via tweet, of course) that it had submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned public offering. Since that day in early September, the media has drawn endless comparisons between last year’s giant IPO flop by Facebook. With Twitter’s offering scheduled to go live tomorrow, we jumped on the bandwagon and did a little analysis of our own to see which IPO generated the most media hype based on feature (headlining) coverage.

Since Facebook announced their IPO several months before their actual offering in May of 2012 and Twitter’s announcement came much closer to their actual offering date, we looked at headlining stories from one month following each company’s announcement that they had filed their S-1 and were planning to go public.

Interestingly, Facebook’s announcement garnered more attention on the day of their initial announcement, likely because they shared the full documentation of their financials and IPO plans. Twitter’s coverage was spread between its teaser tweet and the public release of it’s S-1 forms. On the whole, we were surprised to see that Twitter’s IPO garnered nearly 24% more media coverage after announcing their plans to go public. Stay tuned tomorrow to see if Twitter’s stock lives up to the hype!

For the full break down:


Twitter’s total media coverage (blue): 3,047
Facebook’s total media coverage (red): 2,325

How do you think Twitter’s IPO will go tomorrow? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below!