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News Right at Your (Web Browsing) Fingertips

News Right at Your (Web Browsing) Fingertips

Last year, we unveiled the fully personalized mobile News360 application, which was met with open arms by more than 4 million of you. Today, we are pleased to bring our intelligent news discovery experience to the web.

News360.com, the web version of our app, has been completely rebuilt with a sleek new interface that’s specifically designed for desktop browsing with an image-heavy, seamless browsing experience. It’s the same advanced personalization and discovery you know and love in the mobile app now in your browsers.

You can also sync your News360 accounts with via mobile device so you can pick up where you left off – think commute→ office → lunch→ commute. Never miss a story or reread something you’ve already seen no matter where you are.

With the new web app, you can expect:

  • Fine tuning custom categories so you can hone in on the exact news you want.

  • Sharing articles instantly or saving them for later when you’re without Internet access.

  • Options to mute sources — a direct request from you!

  • A mix of news you need (major world headlines) and news you want (articles on niche interests and passions).

Say goodbye to being inundated with online content, and say hello to seamless access to all of the content that you need and want.