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Content Marketing: Uniting Brands and Publishers

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There’s no doubt in our minds that advertising has taken a decidedly exciting turn in the past few years. From creative, metrics-backed campaigns that specifically target individuals to editorially rich native advertising initiatives, marketers have been taking cues from publishers, and creating engaging content that actually appeals to their target demographics.

In addition to the fact that this kind of content is infinitely more interesting to create, the blend of editorial quality and marketing strategy works. It works so well that we’re starting to see the reverse, too — publishers are taking cues from advertisers, and injecting marketing strategy into their wheelhouses.

CMS Wire expanded on this trend with a helpful demographic, pointing out the ways in which brands and publishers are meeting in the middle of our content-rich world. They note that this move is a good one for publishers, in particular, who have dealt with rapidly diminishing revenue, and continual web-based challenges to their business. Specifically:

“Whether it’s using Facebook’s sponsored stories or Twitter’s promoted tweets, publishers are acting more like advertisers. And it seems to be working. Shared content accounts for approximately twenty percent of all web traffic, so if you can get others to share your content on their own or by liking and retweeting content from within popular social networks, it can help boost your content.“

The conclusion? Whether you’re a brand or a publisher, content is king. And finding the best way to leverage the tools associated with intelligent content marketing will benefit everyone — marketers, publishers, and the people who come across creative, well-crafted content.

Check out CMS Wire’s infographic and read more about this trend here.