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Are Men More Engaged With News Than Women?

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Are Men More Engaged With News Than Women?

At News360, we spend most of our time thinking about the news  – but more specifically, how people consume news. Who reads what? How do they read it? When do they read it? We take what we learn and use it deliver you the most interesting, relevant stories on all your favorite topics. Most of the information we get is based on data and algorithms, but we also like to keep our finger on the pulse of news-related conversations.

We were particularly interested when we stumbled upon this study from a few months ago by the Pew Research Center’s for Excellence in Journalism that found men are more engaged with tablet news than women are. The study found that over 40% percent of men consume news daily on a smartphone or tablet. That number was lower for women – only 30% reported engaging daily with mobile news. Men were also more likely to read full, in-depth articles and watch news videos than women. Most interestingly, men check for news updates regularly, whereas women are more likely to get their news from social media.

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What do you think about this research? If you agree, why do you think that’s the case? Let us know in the comments!