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Highlights from SXSW

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We just got back from SXSW, and although we love the go-go-go pace, we’re ready  get back to life as usual and share some highlights from this whirlwind event.

As always, we love attending panels, chatting with other members of the tech community and partying like rockstars. Kidding. Kind of…

However, we have to say that for us, the biggest highlight of the week happened when we first got off the plane and went to the Mediapost’s Appy Awards (often called “Emmys of Mobile Apps) and found that we won in our category. This is a huge honor, and we feel lucky to be included in such a stellar group of winners that included both established companies like Walgreens, National Hockey League, Bloomberg and  Huffington Post Media Group, as well as new, cool kids on the block such as iCookBook, Babybump and Yiftee. Check out the complete list of winners for yourself – it’s an impressive bunch!

Each of the winners were carefully chosen by MediaPost’s Executive Jury from among hundreds of thousands of eligible apps.  The jury was comprised of industry experts from companies including MRM, PopCap, MacLife and PHD. 

In case you’re having some SXSW FOMO or are missing Austin, you can watch this video recapping this awesome awards ceremony. Warning: Exploring the newest, hottest apps every category will likely keep you downloading all weekend long.


SXSW Appy Awards highlight new apps