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News360 Re-Imagined for Windows 8

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Are you a new Windows 8 user yet?  Have you found your favorite Windows app yet?  Well, if you’re looking for a news discovery platforms that marries brains and beauty, the latest incarnation of the News360 app for Windows 8 devices is what you’re looking for!



News360—A Personalized News Discovery Platform


Now available via the Windows Stores, News360 will help you uncover high-quality, relevant articles about the day’s top headlines and your specific interests and hobbies.  The result is a personalized newsreading experience that is as useful and intelligent as it is beautiful.


Behinds the Scenes of News360 and Windows 8


Interested to learn more about what happened behind the scenes as we developed the News360 app for Windows 8?


We’ve been fortunate to have a close working relationship with Microsoft over the years, as a Microsoft BizSpark One start-up and then developing our app for Windows 8 very early on.  News360 was one of the first apps in the Windows Store, and we’re excited to launch at the same time as Windows 8.


This release isn’t an iOS app just ported over to Windows; in fact, with Windows 8, we were able to incorporate features that are unique to the new Windows user interface that have really enhanced the News360 experience – Search and Share charms, tiles that make notifications and pushing content easy and useful, and the ability to pin your favorite news categories to your Start screen.


A True Windows App—Give It a Try!


Windows 8 challenged us to stretch the capabilities of our app in ways we weren’t able to before.  When it came to creating a clean, intuitive interface with which to present our content, we couldn’t have been more aligned with the values shared by the Windows 8 team.  You’re definitely getting a true Windows app!


Can’t wait to get your hands on it?  You don’t have to.  Check out the new News360 for Windows 8 in the Windows Store now.