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Editor’s Choice: Elections from the Left and Right

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Obama or Romney?  Left Wing or Right Wing?  Liberal or Conservative?


The U.S. presidential election season is upon us and already in full-swing!  Have you made your decision on where you stand and how you’ll be voting?  Maybe you’re still an unsure about which box you’ll be ticking come November 6th.


Today we are bringing you two brand new topics in News360 to help filter news about the elections and clarify political views.  For the blue team we have Elections from the Left, and for the red team we have Elections from the Right. Each topics gathers news from liberal (from the left) and conservative (from the right) sources, and identifies the top-of-mind issues for pro-Obama and pro-Romney journalists and bloggers.


What can you explore with Elections from the Left and Elections from the Right?


  • Stand firm.  Maybe you are already fully set on your choice—you know exactly which candidate you believe in.  You’re no longer interested in hearing the views from the other side and you don’t want their opinions mixed in with your political ideology.  Add your side’s topic and reinforce your support.


  • Think it over.  Not sure where your vote will land?  Add both topics to learn each sides’ views without be obstructed from the opposing side’s thoughts.  Compare and contrast which side aligns best with your thoughts and feelings before heading to the polls.


  • Learn more.  If you’re looking to better understand the priorities of the Left and Right, add both topics.  Discover more about politics—it could become one of your new favorite interests or one you would rather pass on.


  • In need of a laugh?  Politics isn’t always serious—we’ll not when you have sketch comedy and late-night talk shows cracking jokes at candidates.  Add both topics to read as each side takes shots at the other.  It’s entrainment at its finest.


Looking to add either or both topics?  During the U.S. election season, you will find both of these topics highlighted as part of our Editor’s Choice when you click or tap on “Add/Edit” in News360.  Alternatively, you can add them by searching News360 or simply clicking the links below.
Add the topics now and find your political view:


U.S. Election Topics


With so many reports, debates, and stories, it gets difficult to stay on top of all the latest developments during the elections.  No worries, that’s what we’re here for.  Staying informed shouldn’t be so difficult for voters and we’re here to make it one step easier.


To help our users, we’ve created a new set of topics in News360 covering a range of political matters within just the U.S. elections.  Now it will be easier to find stories about taxes and foreign policy as it is being discussed related directly to candidates while campaigning this season.


Follow the links below and add topics to your personalized News360 account.







Be sure to add choose your favorite political topics and create your own personalized categories.  Remember it’s your voice, your choice—your vote!