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New Categories: User Requested Topics

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New Categories: User Requested Topics

New users and new interests mean new topics.

As more people start using News360, there are a lot of new interests we haven’t fully developed in our system just yet.  Recently, some of you have reached out hoping we could help you find more stories about topics you’re interested in.  Guess what, our team listened and added them to our database!  Check out the topics you wanted below, explore the stories, and add them to your personalized accounts.



Topics You Wanted


As a bonus, we’ve added topics for events taking place this month to help you learn more, keep track of the latest developments, and stay on top of all the stories.



Event Topics


We’re building new topics regularly, but if there’s a interest or source important to you and think we’re missing—let us know now! Reach out via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or through feedback and tell us.  After all, we are building News360 and all our topics for you–the user!

Bring on the new topics…