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Introducing: An Updated News360 on the Web!

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Introducing: An Updated News360 on the Web!

Have you visited News360 on the web at www.news360.com lately?  If you have after last Friday, you probably noticed something new and different.  As promised, we are rolling out updates across all versions of News360 and the web client is the latest.


So what does the new News360 on the web have in store?


  • The Layout


The look of News360 on the web will still be familiar for all our users, but with a few slight differences—can you find all of them?


Updated News360 Web Layout


  • A New Home and Nested Categories


Have limited time, but want to be updated on all your favorite categories?  Just like the iPad update, our web version now offers a “Home” category that delivers you the top relevant stories from all your categories in one spot!


Home Category


Interested to see what topics compose your categories without having to edit them?  Click on your listed categories on the left-hand side to reveal all topics, objects, and sources included.


Nested Topics and Categories


Click directly onto the topic, object, or source to learn more.


Topic Info


  • Easier Editing


You’ll find editing is much easier and intuitive now.  Simply edit a current category or add a new one, search for topics, objects, and sources for your category and click to add them.


Easier Editing Categories


Want to find your relevant topics quicker?  Connect to your social media and online accounts to find them automatically.


Connect to Your Online Accounts


Not interested in seeing a category come through to your “Home” screen?  No worries, you can edit which categories are nested under “Home,” as well.


Edit Your Home Screen


  • To the Stars


The more you read, the more News360 will learn about your interests and can personalize your experience.  We’ve implemented collecting stars for our web version now, too.  Collect up to 3 stars a day—collect 20 for optimal personalization!  Over time, our service will start delivering stories tailored closer to your interests first.  Even better, the stars you collect in your account are synced across all your devices and versions of News360.


Collect Stars to Personalize


  • Do You Find Something Interesting?


There’s no need to wait for personalization to take effect.  Speed up and refine the process by clicking and marking stories as “interesting” while you read to help train News360.


Marks Stories As Interesting


If you change your mind and no longer find a story interesting, you can unmark the them.  Just like “Saved Stories,” you can go to “Liked” at the top of the page to see which stories have been marked.


See All Your Liked Stories



Don’t worry, all your favorite features are still around, too!  Save articles, share via social networks and e-mail, and most importantly get the whole picture of a story with multiple sources.  Remember, with News360 look at the big picture, from all points of view.


Check out the updated News360 on the web here!