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Introducing: The News360 Publisher Program

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Introducing: The News360 Publisher Program

We’d like to let you in on a not-so-little secret—we’ve started working with content publishers.


Today, we’d like to announce the next step in helping you discover new stories, authors, and subjects from more than 30,000 global sources—The News360 Publisher Program.  We’ve worked hard to bring you an initial set of publishing partners who cover a variety of content sure to perk an interest or two of yours.  These first partners include The Atlantic, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, FOX Sports, GigaOM, Talking Points Memo, and Bonnier Corp (who publish titles like Popular Science, Parenting, and Outdoor Life) among 25 more focused on news, politics, technology, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle.  There’s something for everyone.


The News360 Publisher Program


What does this mean for you as a user?  Now you can connect to even more relevant content based on your personalized News360 account and engage further with your favorite sources.  With our publisher partners, you can look forward to enjoying an enhanced reading environment within the News360 app including a beautifully branded experience on source pages and while reading articles.


Business Insider – Articles in the Cube Grid View


Business Insider – Branded Landscape View


Chicago Tribune – Stories in the Scrolling View


Chicago Tribune – Branded Portrait View


The News360 Publisher Program brings you one more outstanding feature—full-length articles rendered in the app itself.  This allows you to read the complete text from our publisher partners without the need to ever leave the News360 app—whether it is from a cube on your personalized “home” screen or on a story page.  See all the smart content you want and love in one place without the need to leave News360.


Read the full text of publisher partner articles in cubes.


Or read the full text of articles from publisher partners from top…


…to bottom in story view.


Find yourself reading multiple stories from a source you enjoy?  Adding publisher partner sources to your personalized News360 account has become even easier.  Simply click the green “+ to Home” button to quickly discover even more content.


Click to quickly add a publisher partner source.


We look forward to bringing more partners on board as we expand the News360 Publisher Program, adding new features, and delivering even more content to you, our users.