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News360 and You: How a Web Developer Uses News360

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News360 and You: How a Web Developer Uses News360

  • Name: Gale Wallace
  • Occupation: Website Development, Social Media Manager
  • Location: South Beloit, IL









I have been in the web development industry for the last 12 years, growing, developing and adapting as quickly as the industry requires. This includes running my own company, project consulting and management, social media management, in addition to currently working for a private four year college as their website administrator. I am blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love.


I am married to my best friend and the love of my life and together we have three great kids, of the teenage mutant ninja variety, who daily enrich and challenge our lives and existence.


While a great deal of everything that I do involves gadgets or computers in some form, my most recent favorite past time (and gadget) is photography and everything that involves perfecting the shot. I find that the amazing beauty and awe that can be found in the simplest of captured moments is a story that details what life is really all about.


I stay 360 on…

  • iPad
  • Android Phone – Droid Razor
  • Android Tablet – Motorola Xoom Tablet
  • Web
  • Connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Reader and Evernote


I use News360 for…

  • Keeping up to date on local and worldwide current and critical events
  • Following other Higher Education media news
  • Sorting out specific topics of interest for personal as well as for content publishing in various social media venues
  • GADGET NEWS! – love to read about the newest gadgets and technology
  • Staying ahead of my husband in current events


Saving stories and engaging website visitors and readers with News360… 

With my job as the website administrator and social media manager for a local 4 year college, I have found that being able to access local or global news aggregates is an essential tool, as well as a great source for social media content that engages readers.


I love that I can create my own categories and populate it with stories that are relevant to the things I want to know about. It is increasingly valuable to be able to have the information that I need at a glance.


One of my favorite features in the News360 app that I use in my profession is being able to save stories. This feature has a few valuable uses; one for instance is reading articles later. However, I often find articles that are perfectly suited for social media publishing or engaging a conversation on Facebook or Twitter. Generally though, when I find an article, I don’t need it at that moment, so being able to save the article to reference later makes my job so much easier.


While I am so NOT a news junkie, I find being informed is important and essential. News360 makes it possible for me know what is going on in the world at any given moment.


Save a story to read later using News360.


My News360 personally…

As you can imagine, and as it is for most people these days, I keep very busy and don’t have much time to read news. With this in mind, I was determined to seek out the perfect app to provide me ALL my news sources in one place and quickly was one of the first things I did when I joined the digital age. This process did not prove to be an easy task and I tried a large number of apps that all took over my phone or tablet burning up the batteries, locking things up or crashing every time I opened them. Finally, I stumbled upon News360. Immediately, I knew this app was different and I really liked the overall “look” and functionality. However, I quickly became blown away and hooked when I realized that I could access stories, pictures and videos posted by other news media that spanned across the globe. I found that it was easy to use and easy to read. Additionally, I was impressed that I could also access local news sources.


Furthermore, my husband has always current on news and events and News360 made it possible for me to have a leg up and be ahead of the game, informing me of most events before he does. Whah-bang!


News360 is one of the first apps that I open in the morning and one of the last apps I access before going to bed at night. And it is ALWAYS the first thing I open to get the full story on any news story.


If I only had a choice of say 5 apps to install, News360 would make the cut. Additionally I get a kick out of the 360 degree view that pops up when I dock my tablet.


If you’re interested in becoming a future News360 Ambassador, contact us.