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News360 Connected: Evernote

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News360 Connected: Evernote

We have a lot going on in our lives—each of us have something we’re always thinking about, working on, or planning.  Sometimes the best way to keep yourself organized is to put all your notes in a neatly accessible place like a notebook.  Today we’re finding most of the information we like to save online, we avoid carrying unnecessary bulk like paper and pens, we collect information for private use as well as information we love to share, and we demand to have access to from just about anywhere.  If you aren’t already using it, you’ll soon learn that Evernote meets all these criteria—jotting notes, clipping pieces of the web, creating multiple notebooks, sharing with your friends!  It gets even better when you use News360 and Evernote together to scan your interests to help deliver news that is personalized to your interests.


Use News360 and Evernote together


To get started, make sure you sign-up for an Evernote account (which is free).  Start populating it with recipes from across the web, notes from an office meeting, plans for a workout, agendas for future travels, or brainstorms about your next novel.


Personalize with Evernote


Sign into your News360 account and make your way to the “My Interests” tab.  Tap “Update My Interests” to personalize your news by connecting to popular web services you’re already using.  Here you can authorize Evernote to connect with News360 and see the magic happen!  News360 analyzes your account to understand your interests based on what you’ve been clipping, noting, and saving in Evernote.  Remember, News360 will never store or copy any of your data that is analyzes—just the resulting list of relevant topics.  In the end, you’ll be presented with stories, articles, and blog posts that match your interests.  You can always take it one step further and tweak your interests, add more categories, and follow additional topics to have a fully customized news desk for yourself.


Share to your Evernote account from News360


And view your saved stories in your Evernote account


Did you find a story you’d like to come back to again, that’s useful, and maybe need to store in Evernote?  It’s easy to save an article right into one of your notebooks.  Open the story and tap the “Share” button.  Choose the Evernote option, which will ask you to sign-into your account and authorize News360.  You’ll find the story has been saved directly into your notebook to view later at your leisure.  Save all the interesting stories you find, re-personalize with your Evernote account, and you’ll see a refined set of recommendations on News360.  Try it out now!


Download Evernote now available on your desktop, mobile, tablet, online, and other devices.