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N360 Customized: To the Stars–Space Exploration Category

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N360 Customized: To the Stars–Space Exploration Category

The media has been filled with space recently—and a lot of it.  If you haven’t figured, I was talking about space of the outer variety.  We’ve seen eclipses (solar and lunar), passing planets (Venus), crashing capsules (SpaceX Dragon), and in just a couple days a science fiction movie taking off (“Prometheus”).  Has all this stirred any of your interest in following news about space?


For our next N360 Customized Category, we’ve created a set of topics that will take you to the stars to discover the latest in space exploration, research, and general news.  Whether the recent happenings have sparked your interest or you’re already a space geek, we’ve gathered the major topics in one place for you to follow.


Photo by Steve Jurvetson


Focused only on the major happenings, we’ve included the following News360 Topics:

  • Aerospace
  • Cosmology
  • Satellite
  • Solar System
  • Space
  • Space Flights
  • Space Station
  • Spacecraft


Did we miss something you like, did we add something you don’t like, or is it just perfect?  Click “Add to my Interests” and edit the category to further suit your needs.  If you haven’t started customizing categories for your needs in News360 yet, you should!


Check out the N360: Space Exploration customized topic category and add “Space Exploration” HERE!