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A Guide to News360: Story Progress Timeline

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A Guide to News360: Story Progress Timeline

Hi all!  The News360 team has been tinkering away under the hood of our app and we’ve got some exciting things in store for you coming due.  In the meantime, I wanted to revisit our Guide to News360 series of posts.  Specifically, I wanted to discuss one of my favorite News360 gems—the ability to view a story’s progression.


Have you ever read a story and wished you could follow further developments in a more natural way than having to wait for a new article to appear or actually going in and searching yourself?  Well, if you’re like me (and all the cool people are), you’ll be interested in the story timeline in News360.  This feature is currently available for News360 on the web and for our tablet apps.  Per usual, I will demonstrate through News360 on the web.



Let’s take a look at it in action, now…  This past weekend saw the first part of the always popular Coachella Music Festival (full-name The Coachcella Valley Music and Arts Festival) take place in California.  If you haven’t already heard, they resurrected infamous American rapper Tupac Shakur on stage as a hologram, which resulted in him becoming one of the most popular acts during the weekend (not to mention the most talked about in news headlines).



After opening up the main story cluster regarding Tupac at Coachcella, we see the numerous tabs across the top of the story directing us to articles at various sources covering his appearance at the festival.  At the end, you’ll notice a graph icon and a tab listing out the number of additional sources—click this to bring up the timeline of this story.



You can now examine the story as it has progressed in the news media (and how Tupac’s ghost engulfed the press for a bit).  For this story, we start at the first reports of the deceased rapper’s hologram appearing on stage and wowing the crowd, which then leads to speculation that the hologram may go on tour, followed by reactions from fellow artists and Tupac’s own mother, eventually bringing us to stories revolving around the hologram technology that has brought him back to life.



Anyway…   The News360 story timeline is a great tool to help you follow the progression of a story.  It comes in very handy when you’re following court cases, large-scale disaster updates, or the launch of new tech gadgets.  Give it a try and it might just make your life a little easier.