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News360 Extra, Extra: Facebook Share Your Idea Contest WINNER

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If you’ve been keeping an eye out on our social media outlets, you know that recently we had a “Share Your Idea” contest on Facebook.  We asked News360 users to ideas for new features that News360 could use or implement in future builds.  Overall, we got some great ideas, but in the end, our team reviewed the entries and had to make a final decision.  After taking novelty, viability, and creativeness into consideration, as well as depth of explanation (not to mention some arm twisting), we agreed on a winner…


Fernando Fonseca!  His idea revolved around gamifying the sharing of stories through News360.  Fernando’s idea focused on pushing News360 forward and evolving the system with a unique take.  He explains it best himself:


Introduce gamification to the whole sharing process.  After all, when people share articles via the application they are sending traffic to your website.  Reward them with badges.


Not to be constricted to a single idea, Fernando topped it off with an additional thought:


Connect to the Pinterest API: Pinterest can’t be ignored any longer and News360 is highly visual, as [is] Pinterest. Giving the users the ability to Pin content to their boards straight from the application makes all the sense in the world.


Many of the ideas shared on Facebook are worth mentioning, but there are two specifically that caught our team’s eye (and caused some commotion in the News360 offices when picking a winner).  The first was Christopher Glass’ suggestion to link together categories in order to avoid duplicating stories that have crossing themes and cause them to appear in multiple instances (in different categories).  The second was Kenton Kotsiris’ idea to allow search results to be added to a category, particularly when designated topics, objects, or dossiers aren’t available.  Great ideas!


A big thanks to all those who participated and congratulations to Fernando!  Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for more upcoming contests and activities.  In the meantime, let us know in which unique ways or for what unique purposes you use News360—you could be featured on our blog!