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News360 Puts 120,000 Daily Headlines in the Palm of Your Hand, Now Updated for Windows Phone

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We have great news for our Windows Phone users–News360 has just been updated and now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace!  Some key features to check out:

  • Windows Phone News360 has a unique interface different from all other versions of our app, which was created with guidance from Microsoft during Mobile Acceleration Week.
  • Personalization is now available!  Windows Phone users can now connect with your social media accounts to tailor news to your interests.
  • Live tiles and secondary tiles support–the app features live tile support for user’s categories.
  • Fast App Switching support.

Check out the full press release below and download News360 in the Windows Phone Marketplace now!




News360 Puts 120,000 Daily Headlines in the Palm of Your Hand, Now Updated for Windows Phone 

2/21/2012– Sunnyvale, CA—Hey, if you’re reading this, chances are you like to keep up with the news. You’re about to meet your match. News360, the popular news reading tool that keeps you in the know about all of the most important events of the day via smartphones, tablets, TVs and the Web is releasing a major update for its Windows Phone application today. The new version of News360 now includes personalization-–a fancy way of saying you can hook it up to your Facebook profile, Twitter feed, Evernote and Google Reader, and instantly get new stories and topics tailored to the things you’re most interested in. The app is available for free from Windows Phone Marketplace.

Go Download It: One Million Other People Did

News today spreads at the speed of light. It’s in print and on TV, but it’s also hidden in little nooks and crannies all over the Web, and it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. Instead of wasting time searching for things to read, News360 will, quite literally, show you what you’re missing from 20,000 different news sources around the world. You’ll also see all the major news from every point of view.

That’s just one of the reasons people love News360. In 2011, News360 users read more than 44 million articles – it took them 45 years, 11 months, 3 days, 22 hours and 17 minutes  The iPad app boasts 4,000 5-star ratings and Android and Windows Phone  users agree.

Escape the Filter Bubble!

Ever heard of The Filter Bubble? It’s what happens when things are over-personalized: reading, shopping, browsing and so on. This is bad because it filters out some pretty important stuff if you’re not careful, like hard news or things you might not even know you like.

What sets News360 apart from dozens of other news apps is simple: it has it all. Instead of using separate reading tools for news, blogs, special interests and your social feeds, News360 brings it all together under one roof. This means you stay informed about the world around you, (and sound smart at the water cooler) and get your personal favorites and hobbies all at the same time – even the things you don’t really want anyone to know you like, like live action role playing games or stamp collecting.

“What we’re doing is simplifying and improving an existing daily ritual – people expect real time access to daily information whether they’re reading the news on the bus on the way to work, or checking last night’s scores while in line for coffee,” said Roman Karachinsky, CEO and co-founder, News360. “Whether you have five minutes on a smartphone or thirty minutes on a tablet, we can provide a personal experience that’s

“Windows Phone is backed by a rich developer ecosystem that is creating a variety of quality apps and games that take advantage of the phone’s unique features and design,” said Todd Brix, senior director, Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft Corp. “News360, which participated in Microsoft’s BizSpark program to help bring its app vision to life, is a great example of the rich, dynamic applications people will find on Windows Phone Marketplace to get the most out of their phone,” he continued.

News360 is now available for Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and on the Web at news360.com.