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A Guide to News360: Share, Share, SHARE!

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A Guide to News360: Share, Share, SHARE!

The conclusion of Social Media Week around the world is upon and in its honor, today we’re looking at the sharing features of News360.  Societies, cultures, and economies are becoming more integrated and empowered through communication, as SMW puts it.  News is no exception to this, particularly because of its social quality.  Communicating through sharing on social networks helps to spread knowledge—a great reason why News360 works so well with social media.


As with our previous posts in this series, we will use News360 on the Web because it is the most accessible to everyone.  Before we begin, make sure you’ve already signed into your personalized News360 account.





I was in San Francisco today for SMW activities, and it seems so was President Obama.  While in town for fundraising purposes for the 2012 Presidential Elections, Obama managed to sneak in a visit to Chinatown to grab some dim sum for lunch.  This popped up in my personalized “US Politics” category as a top story (check out our earlier post to help you personalize your interests, too).  Let’s click onto the cluster to read more about it.





You’ll notice that in the upper-right, there is a specific button that calls you to “Share This Story.”  If you find stories interesting or enjoyed it, why not share?  Chances are others in your networks have similar interests and will enjoy it as well.  Clicking on the button will give you a number of options including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and e-mail.





You could, for example, share this article with your friends on Facebook.  Assuming you’ve connected your News360 account with your Facebook account, click “Post on Facebook” and a pop-up will appear allowing you to share the story on your wall.  Make sure to add any comments or interesting additions you may have and that will call out your friends to read the story, as well.





On the other hand, let’s say you want to share with a social media network that you haven’t connected to you News360 account.  This time, you may want to tweet this article to the world instead.  Clicking “Tweet” will bring up a pop-up asking you to authorize News360 to use your Twitter account—as always, we don’t copy or store any of your personal data.  After authorization, a new window will allow you to tweet the article with a link (hopefully you can squeeze some thoughts into that 140 character limit, too).  The same procedure follows for Google+, while sharing by e-mail allows you to share through your default e-mail program.





Interested to see who else is talking about Obama on the Twitterverse that might not be using News360?  No worries.  You’ll notice that the first tab along the top for the cluster is in fact a Twitter bird icon.  Clicking it will show you who else is discussing Obama’s visit to the San Francisco (specifically for a dim sum lunch).  This is your chance to “Join the Conversation.”  Popular hashtags are pre-populated for your convenience in order for your voice to be heard in the right conversation.  This is your chance to have your say, give your thoughts, or share your ideas.  You also have the option to add a link to the story from your favorite source in the cluster.





It won’t be long before you’ll be a social media whiz using News360!  Sharing the right stories and articles will help you build a following.  And before you know it, you’ll be an influencer to all those followers!  And to think, all this because of the news you enjoy reading everyday on News360.  Off you go—share, share, SHARE!


Now onto the news reading…