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A Guide to News360: Adding Topics (Super Bowl Style)

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A Guide to News360: Adding Topics (Super Bowl Style)



Super Bowl XLVI is just around the corner!  Many are experiencing football fever and want to stay on top of all the stories leading up to one of the biggest annual sporting events in the US.  The problem?  If you’re a fair-weather fan or not a big football buff, maybe all you want are the best headlines and developments to impress your colleagues at the “water cooler.”  The good news?  News360 has a simple way to create a fully customized category that will filter 100,000 articles every day to show you the highest quality reporting on any subject in real time.


Today, I’ll show you how to add (and remove) additional topics to your already personalized News360 account.  This way, you can find the news you need and want right now using News360 on the Web. Once you create the category, you’ll be able to read the sync the stream to appear across all your devices including smartphones and tablets.


Before we start, let’s quickly go over some key points regarding this year’s Super Bowl.  The teams playing this year are the New England Patriots and the New York Giants—the winner will be crowned the National Football League (NFL) champion.  If you’re following along with the news, you’ve probably noticed that an inordinate amount of stories focus on the team quarterbacks.  (QB’s are always given greater import than nearly ever other position, that’s just football.)  In this year’s big game we have two of the biggest names in football: the human dreamboat known as Tom Brady for the Pats and “little bro” Eli Manning for the Giants.  (Trivia fans: Eli’s brother Peyton is considered by many to be the best quarterback of all time. – he plays for the Indianapolis Colts.)


So why is this year’s Super Bowl drawing so much hype?  It’s a rematch for both teams and quarterbacks, who went head to head in Super Bowl XLII in 2008.  Then, the Giants won a nail-biter against the Pats 38-35 on a hope-and-a-prayer deep pass from Eli Manning.  Late in the fourth quarter of that game, Little Bro Eli spun away from a fierce New England blitz and heaved the ball deep into the night–the country held it’s collective breathe for what seemed like minutes–until little-known Giants receiver David Tyree came down with the ball wedged tightly against his helmet.  With the play forever known as “the helmet catch” Super Bowl XLII became an instant classic.

With a history like that, Super Bowl XLVI is full of interesting characters and team dynamics, and  just as many compelling stories about the big game.  News360 can make it easy to keep up with all the latest; here’s how:


Now let’s get going.  First thing—make sure you’re signed into your account.



As you can see, I already have a “Sports” category in my personalized interests.  Before we look in there, we’re going to explore creating a unique category listing just for the Super Bowl.  Simply click “Add New Category” under “My Interests” and a box should appear at the top of your feed.  Here you have the option to customize this interest with your own title and add only the objects you want to receive news about.



I’m going to call this “Super Bowl” and use the trophy icon to identify the category.  Next step is to start adding objects related to the game that I want to receive news about.



Hit the “More” icon.  A pop-up box will appear allowing you to search and add more topics.  I’m going to search for the basics and start populating—New England Patriots, New York Giants, Tom Brady and Eli Manning.  The game is being played at the Lucas Oil Stadium, so I’ll also add Indianapolis, Indiana (where it is located).  Just to keep track of everything, I’ll add national anthem singer Kelly Clarkson and halftime performer Madonna. Once you’ve added all the topics you want, exit out of the pop-up, review your added objects, and hit “Done” to populate news in your customized interest category!


Note: Keep in mind, you may have to go back to remove or add topics until you find your perfect balance.  For instance, adding Clarkson and Madonna may give you too much coverage on music news rather than Super Bowl specific.



Once the Super Bowl is over, you may have no need to have a category based on Super Bowl XLVI, so it can easily be removed.  First, hit the gear icon next to “My Interests,” and then hit the “X” next to Super Bowl XLVI.  “Are you sure you want to remove this category?”  Yes.



Remember, you may already have a “Sports” category and while you don’t want to follow the Super Bowl year-round, you may want to follow your favorite team.  If you like the New England Patriots, you can click on your “Sports” section, allow the feed to load, and then click the “Edit” icon on the top.  Like before, hit “More” to search for additional topics like the Patriots to add to your more stable categories such as “Sports.”



We’ll be back with more tips on News360 soon enough.  In the meantime, enjoy the big game this weekend (the News360 team will)!


Now onto the news reading…