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A Guide to News360: Baby Steps…

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A Guide to News360: Baby Steps…

There are an unlimited number of applications and tools out there that many people may download and use, but most times not to the full extent.  Have you had the chance to unlock all the potential of News360, yet?  In case you haven’t, I’m here to help.  Over a number of coming posts, I will be showing you how to get started with News360, personalizing it for your tastes, and sharing what you find interesting with your friends and followers.  By the end of the series, you should be an expert at using


Today we’re going to keep things easy.  To demonstrate, we’ll work with News360 on the Web—which you can use from any browser on your desktop, notebook, or just about anywhere else.  You can of course access this by going to news360.com (information on all versions of our app can be found here.)




Activating News360 on any platform already allows you see the aggregation of stories from across the web using a vast number of sources whether it be Top Stories, Business or Sports (read more about the technology behind selecting our sources and stories here)—but there’s more to it…


First thing—if you haven’t already signed up for an account, you should!  Creating a News360 account will allow you to save articles on any version of the applications and read them on any of the other platforms you may be using.  For example, if you save an article with News360 on the Web, you’ll be able to read it later on the News360 iPhone app once you sign into your account.  To start, click the “Create Account” button.  Choose your method and follow the on-screen instructions.  For those who have already created an account, click the “Sign In” button.



Great!  Now you can see all the news you want, but let’s make things a little more personal.  You want to see the news that’s relevant to you, so let’s hit “Personalize.”  Pick a network, if not all, to “Connect” with and tailor the news to your needs.  Once your account is connected, hit “Start” and watch the magic happen!



And not to worry—News360 will analyze the topics in your accounts, but will never store or copy any of your data that we analyze.  We’re only looking to build a list of relevant topics.



Next you will see all the interests News360 has found for you.  You are always allowed to edit all the topics you would like to keep, remove, or add.



After you’re done editing, hit “Finish,” and you’ve got your very own highly personalized news feed categorized for you under “My Interests” on the left.



In the coming posts, we’ll explore saving news articles to read later, sharing stories you find interesting through social networks, and customizing your interests further.  We’ll also take time to look at News360 across various platforms.


Now on to the news reading…