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Please Welcome News360 Periscope for Your Browsers

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Please Welcome News360 Periscope for Your Browsers

The dictionary defines a periscope as “an optical instrument for viewing objects that are above the level of direct sight or in an otherwise obstructed field of vision.”  It is News360’s commitment to deliver not only the news, but the news from all angles.  Today, we are proud to announce the launch of our very first browser extension—News360 Periscope!



News360 is always looking to develop groundbreaking platforms to help deliver the best in news to users.  As an extension for your browser, Periscope will help augment your news browsing experience by bringing you the multiple perspectives, videos, photos, and tweets about the stories and topics you read.  Our intensions with this tool are to help enhance the news articles you read as you browse the web.  Simply put, a small toolbar will pop up on new articles that you are reading and will:


  1. Give you alternative points of view on the story from other sources that have covered it.
  2. Show videos and photos that are relevant to the story you’re reading.
  3. Display a real time Twitter feed about the story for the latest developments.
  4. And highlight the people, organizations, and locations mentioned in the story to let you know more about them.


Currently, Periscope is supported by Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


The Next Web graciously has encouraged news followers to give the app a try.  You can read their review here: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2011/11/17/news360s-periscope-pops-up-to-give-you-a-broader-view-of-news-on-the-web/


The News360 team is always looking forward to hearing your feedback.  Make sure you let us know what you think of Periscope and News360 across other platforms.