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News360 2.0 Makes Its Way to iPhone and Android Phones

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News360 2.0 Makes Its Way to iPhone and Android Phones

Things have been moving quite swiftly as usual for the News360 team.  After our successful update across tablets and the launch of our web-based version of News360, we are happy to announce a major update to our iPhone and Android phone platforms!



Let’s highlight some of the major changes you’ll be seeing in version 2.0 for the iPhone and Android phone devices:


  1. Brand New Design: We have resigned the app with an intuitive, clean, and sleek look.
  2. Personalization: Users now have the ability to personalize the news right on their phone thanks to the addition of the “My Interests” tab.
  3. Synchronization: Logging into your account makes it easier for you to keep updated on the news that is important to you—from your tablet to computer screen to your mobile phone.


Still not convinced of the new 2.0 updates on your phone?  You say you want to see a video of what the update to the News360 app can do?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Check out the video we created to demonstrate today’s updates, below!




And while you’re here, why not check out some of the coverage the update for the iPhone and Android phone has received.  Sarah Perez has done a write up on 2.0 at TechCrunch that is worth checking out, here: http://techcrunch.com/2011/11/01/personalized-news-reader-news360-arrives-on-iphone/.


And as always, the News360 team loves to hear from you—the app users!  Make sure you let us know your thoughts and give us your feedback.