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News360 2.0 for Tablets and Web Launch

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News360 2.0 for Tablets and Web Launch

The last few months have flown by quickly and the News360 team has been hard at work building an exciting new update for all our users.  We have been overwhelmed by the number of positive responses we’ve been getting and have taken in all the feedback to take the app to the next level.  Today we launch News360 2.0 for the iPad and Android Honeycomb tablets!  With this release, we are happy to now offer you more than just news from over 5,000 sources—we offer you personalized news!



How does this work, you ask?  By connecting with your social media networks and other web services, the updated News360 will be able to analyze the activity across your online presence and create an interest graph.  With this, we will deliver news related to your persistent interests and underlying topics to you.  We’re taking a much deeper looking into your activity—we’re not just looking at your “Likes” on Facebook.  To get a true understanding, we’re analyzing all your actions from your bookmarks and subscriptions to what you’re sharing and tweeting.  To refine your experience with News360, we encourage you to edit, add, and adjust your interest graph in order to personalize more precisely.



Additionally, we have a second major annoucment—News360 is now also available as a web application with all the features mentioned above!  Now anyone can get personal with the news, as long as they have some form of internet connection.  Not only can you personalize, but you can sync your experience across the various News360 platforms—from tablet to desktop (look forward to this fall when you’ll be able to sync to your phone, as well).  To check out the web app and personalize news on your PC, simply go to www.news360.com.



The News360 team has quite a few exciting surprises for your come this fall.  Keep a lookout for:

  • News360 2.0 to make its way onto the iPhone and Android phones.
  • A browser plug-in that will augment the way you see and read the news.
  • More exciting updates to come.


Make sure to keep giving us your feedback—we love hearing from you!