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Our inspiration wall

Our inspiration wall

We love decorating our office, so every once in a while we come up with ideas on how we can make our walls a little more interesting. The latest one took on a crowdsourcing vibe when we decided it would be cool to have everyone fill a photo frame with a person that inspires them in their work, and put them all up on one of our walls. Here’s the result:  

And here’s the list of people that are on there (left-to-right, and top-to-bottom):

1. Edward Gal & Totilas – one of the top dressage horses and his rider

2. Walt Disney – the founder of Walt Disney Productions, a great businessman and entertainer

3. Elizabeth Arden – a Canadian businesswoman, who built a cosmetics empire and was the most successful woman of her time

4. William Gates III – founder of Microsoft, an outstanding businessman and visionary

5. Leonardo da Vinci – a painter, mathematician, writer, inventor, and a great influence on humanity overall

6. Albert Einstein – brilliant scientist and visionary

7. Scott Guthrie – VP of Microsoft’s Development Division. One of the key people behind .NET, which powers a lot of our backend systems

8. Steve Jobs – co-founder and CEO of Apple

9. Barbara Partee – a professor of linguistics and philosophy at UMass, one of the founders of modern formal semantics

10. Norbert Wiener – a brilliant mathematician, and originator of modern cybernetics

11. Sergei Brin & Larry Page – co-founders of Google

12. Frankie Manning – one of the most prominent swing dancers in the 40s, and a key figure in the modern revival of Lindy Hop

13. Andrei Sakharov – a soviet nuclear physicist, one of the key scientists in the Soviet nuclear weapons program, who became a dissident and a major anti-proliferation activist

14. Henry Ford – an American businessman, who revolutionized transportation and industry

15. Mark Zuckerberg – co-founder and CEO of Facebook

16. John Carmack – famous game programmer, co-founder of id Software and commercial space exploration enthusiast

17. Wilber Awdrey – an English author, and creator of Thomas the Tank Engine

18. Fedor Shalyapin – an outstanding Russian opera singer, credited with establishing the acting tradition of modern opera

19. Andrey Markov – a Russian mathematician, and creator of Markov chains

20. Elizabeth I – a prominent English queen, who ruled the country during the culturally flourishing “Elizabethan” era

21. Jonathan Ive – Senior VP of Industrial Design at Apple, and one of the main people behind the iPhone and iPad